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Pompano Beach Electrical Panel and Switch Gear Upgrades

At C.W. Fischer Electric, Inc., we have provided quality electrical solutions to residential and commercial property owners for 55+ years. Among those solutions, we have become the go-to for electrical panel and switch gear upgrades in Pompano Beach. On this page, we have shared information about what these features do, as well as when you might need to replace them. Read on, and do not hesitate to call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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What Is the Difference Between an Electrical Panel and Switch Gear?

Let us start with electrical panels. These features are also commonly known as circuit breaker panels or fuse boxes. They are metal boxes that house the main electrical controls for your building. Within the panel, there are a series of switches or fuses that direct the flow of energy. These same switches or fuses are connected to various circuits that power your lights, appliances, and anything else that uses electricity. The main purpose of an electrical panel is to protect the building's system from overloading, which can be dangerous. 

As for switch gears, they are similar to electrical panels, except they support high-voltage systems. The primary function of a switch gear is to direct the flow of power in a building by taking electricity from a main source and distributing it through various switches and fuses. Like electrical panels, switch gears protect systems from overloading. Another important thing they do is isolate faulty equipment or electrical networks. For example, if a transformer malfunctions, the switch gear will isolate it, preventing damage to other equipment and ensuring the rest of the system still has power. 

When Should You Get a Panel or Switch Gear Upgrade?

Because electrical panels and switch gears perform different functions, you will want to upgrade them for separate reasons. 

Upgrade your electrical panel when: 

  • Your panel cannot support your electrical load. If your breakers frequently trip when you are running multiple appliances or electrical devices at once, you ought to consider adding to your panel’s capacity. 
  • You are considering purchasing an EV and installing a charger. Many electrical panels can support your day-to-day energy use, but they might not be equipped to power an EV charger. The same is true for solar technologies and other advanced electrical features. 
  • Your panel is faulty or old. If your panel is original to your home or building, frequently has problems, or is no longer safe by the Energy Safety Authority’s (ESA) standards, an upgrade should be in order. 

For switch gears, you should get an upgrade when:

  • Maintenance costs are stacking up. Rather than continuing to put money into a faulty switch gear, investing in an upgrade can help you save over time. Not only that, but you can add electrical capacity through an upgrade and improve your efficiency and functionality.
  • It has become worn out. Although your switch gear might be working fine, if you notice any corrosion, loose connections, or visible wear, it is likely smart to update it before you face a larger problem.
  • Your switch gear is failing in critical moments. If your switch gear is unable to supply your operations with the power they need, then you should get an upgrade.

Additional Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Upgrading your electrical panel can have numerous benefits for your home or business. With the increasing demand for electricity in modern households and commercial spaces, an outdated electrical panel may not be able to handle the load, leading to potential safety hazards and inconvenience. Our team at C. W. Fischer Electric, Inc. can assess your current electrical panel and recommend the best upgrade options to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical panel include:

  • Increased electrical capacity
  • Enhanced safety and reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Ability to support modern appliances and electronics
  • Compliance with current building codes and regulations
  • Potential increase in property value

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