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Many people across Southeastern Florida and beyond are making the switch to electric vehicles. This transition is great for the planet, as it helps us move away from fossil fuels and rely more on greener sources of energy. To facilitate this transition, many residential and commercial property owners need to install and maintain EV chargers for themselves or their patrons, employees, and visitors. This is where we come in. At C.W. Fischer Electric, Inc., we are your go-to for EV charger services in Pompano Beach. From quality installations to timely repairs and maintenance, we have you covered. Plus, our partnership with Qmerit, an industry leader in EV charging technology, makes it easier than ever to invest in these systems and reap the benefits. 

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The Benefits of EV Chargers 

For a homeowner who has purchased an EV or is planning to, installing an EV charger is essential. Being able to reliably charge your new vehicle at home so you can get wherever you need to go is the biggest benefit of a charger. 

With commercial locations, the benefits might not be apparent right away, but EV chargers can significantly enhance your property. Charging stations can attract new patrons and help you retain regulars. They can also support your employees who are EV owners, allowing them to continue to perform high-quality work. Not only that, but they can increase your property’s value and display your commitment to bettering our planet’s future. 

Types of EV Chargers 

Before you invest in an EV charger, you ought to know which type would be right for your property. Below you can find information about Level 1, 2, and 3 chargers and why you might choose them. 

Level 1:

  • These are the most basic type of EV chargers that can be plugged into a standard 120-volt wall outlet. They deliver around 3-5 miles of range per hour of charging and are typically used for overnight charging in residential homes. 

Level 2: 

  • These chargers provide a higher charging speed than Level 1. They require a 240-volt power supply and will often deliver 20 miles or more of range per hour of charging. These chargers are common in commercial properties and workplaces, where EV drivers can benefit from a faster charge while they work, shop, or run errands.

Level 3:

  • Known as DC fast chargers, these use a high-powered 480-volt AC supply to deliver rapid charging (up to 80% battery charge in about 30 minutes). Most often, you can find them in public charging stations along major highways or in other areas where quick charging is important for travelers.

EV Charger Maintenance and Repairs in Pompano Beach

Because EV drivers rely so heavily on their chargers to take care of everyday tasks, downtime is the biggest concern when it comes to maintenance and repairs. If your at-home charger or commercial charging stations are experiencing problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We can work quickly to troubleshoot and address the issue. While on the job, we aim to minimize disruptions, so you can power your EV and get back to normal. We are proud to be available 24/7 to take your calls, and we can often make same-day appointments. There is no need to wait to get the help of our Pompano Beach EV charger services. 

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Our Partnership with Qmerit Makes it Easy to Bring EV Chargers to You 

By partnering with Qmerit, we have combined our unparalleled level of experience and skill with the best of the best in EV charging technologies. What does that mean for you?

When you choose us for your installation, repair, or maintenance project, you get:

  • State-of-the-art technology. Qmerit makes “going electric” easier than it ever has been before. 
  • The assurance of quality solutions. Only a select few electric companies get to partner with Qmerit. That we are one of them is a marker of our superior work. 
  • Effective, straightforward service. We provide free estimates for every job, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Although it is unlikely, if there is a problem with our work, simply reach out to us and we will do whatever we can to make it right. 

To get started on your EV charger installation project or for help with a faulty system, reach out to us!

Can I Install an EV Charger at Home?

Installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger at home in Florida is not only possible but also increasingly popular among homeowners. With the growing adoption of electric vehicles, having a convenient and efficient charging solution at home has become a necessity for many Floridians.

Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Home:

  • Convenience: Having an EV charger at home allows you to conveniently charge your electric vehicle overnight, ensuring it is ready to go when you need it. 
  • Cost Savings: Charging your vehicle at home is typically more economical than using public charging stations, resulting in long-term savings on fuel expenses.
  • Increased Property Value: Installing an EV charger can increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Why Choose C. W. Fischer Electric, Inc. for EV Charger Installation?

At C. W. Fischer Electric, Inc., we specialize in providing professional and reliable EV charger installation services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of skilled electricians will guarantee a smooth installation process while adhering to all local codes and regulations in Florida.

If you are considering installing an EV charger at your Florida home, C. W. Fischer Electric, Inc. is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our EV charger installation services and take the first step towards powering your electric vehicle conveniently and efficiently at home.

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